The latest version of our DCPD hardware and software facilitates application of any mixture of various waveforms, including user-defined waveforms. For example, using the same specimen, 1 mm crack is grown using a sine wave to establish a base line. The next 1 mm is grown by a dwell waveform, the next 1mm by dwell with overload, and finally another 1 mm by sine wave again. All these steps are carried out without any interruptions.

We have recently installed a creep laboratory data logger system at SMaRT at Swansea. The software scans 32 creep machines, 64 thermocouples and 64 LVDTs, and stores temperature and strain values at user defined intervals. In addition to creep testing, SMaRT at Swansea provides comprehensive mechanical testing and analysis services.

A recent addition to our software packages is Stress Controlled TMF. A thermo-mechanical fatigue cycle is defined as specimen tests where both temperature and force amplitude waveform are simultaneously varied and independently controlled over the specimen gauge or test section.