Damper Testing

This program offers the strength and durability rig testing of suspension struts and shock absorbers.

Endurance testing can be carried out using monotonic sinewave or heterodyne waveform, combination of low frequency high amplitude sinewave and high frequency low amplitude sinewave.

Performance testing can be defined as either a series of haversines with a one second pause between them or full sinewaves at selected frequencies corresponding manufacturers' specified velocities.

Carding tests can be carried out automatically at regular intervals during an endurance test, enabling comparison of performance characteristics during damper's life cycle.

Additional test features include low velocity over-drive, high velocity warm-up sine sweeps, static friction test, peak velocity detection and corresponding load reading, result tabulation and linear interpolation.

Carding test results are presented as load against peak velocity plots with manufacturers' tolerance band superimposed. Force against displacement and force against velocity loops are also available for comparison.