Digital Plotter

This package provides the functions of two separate devices, a plotter and a ramp generator and analytical features of three separate programs, plotter, tensile testing and KIc testing. If the machine is manually operated, then the program becomes an enhanced plotter with extensive scaling, offset and re-plot facilities. If the test machine has an external input, the program provides basic machine control and data acquisition facilities.

FUp to 16 single or 8 differential channels of data can be recorded at user-selected intervals. Tensile or compressive, positive or negative ramp rates can be set over a wide range, and can be varied smoothly as well as ramping up or down or holding while the test in progress. Trips can be set on any number of channels. Once the test is finished, any number of channels can be plotted against time or any other channel. A straight line fit option, parallel offset, vertical offset, secant line and area calculations are provided. Data can also be listed or exported as a text file to be used with any other program.