Dirlik Controls - Software for Materials and Component Testing

We offer customised test control, data acquisition and analysis packages for materials testing and component evaluation. We specialise in tailoring programs to the user requirements. Whether the requirement is sophisticated laboratory application or demanding production related testing, the most appropriate solution for each individual customer is provided.

Our systems are PC / Windows based, used for research and development, quality control and production monitoring. We can retrofit virtually any manually operated or servo controlled test machines or vibrophores.

Dirlik Controls products are easy to set-up, calibrate and operate.
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How We Work

We offer retrofit packages for both electromechanical and servo-hydraulic testing machines, a cost effective alternative to purchase of a new system. Many labs have machines with old dial gauges, aged electronics, and manual controls. We enable customers to equip their machines with modern digital controllers and customised materials testing software.
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Dirlik Control's testing software is designed to do the required job without unnecessary complexity and can be customised to fit your specific requirements.